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What to Expect

What happens after I enroll in the Senior Whole Health of New York?

Once you’re enrolled, you will receive a welcome call from us. During this call you can expect to:

  • Learn more about what your care manager does for you
  • Share more about your health goals
  • Learn more about what you may need from us (e.g. transportation)
  • Learn more about your health, including vision and hearing
  • Create your person-centered care plan with your care manager
  • Get answers to your questions

You’ll receive a new member packet and your ID card in the mail shortly after enrollment.


Finding a doctor

For services covered by Senior Whole Health of New York, you may choose any provider from our network of providers that offers the services you need. Read more about how to choose a doctor here. Look for a PCP who:

  • Is accepting new patients
  • Is convenient (nearby, wheelchair accessible, etc.)
  • Speaks your language or has staff who do
  • Understands your culture